The 5th International Symposium on – “Present Situation and Future Development of Mongolian Traditional Medicine” (summary)

© 2012 Yu.R. Buldakova

2012 – № 1 (3)

Key words: Mongolian traditional medicine,  academic medicine, integrative medicine

Abstract: The article reviews and analyzes the activities of the The 5th International Symposium on the present situation and future development of Mongolian traditional medicine”, which took place on the 15th-16th of September 2011 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The 5th International Symposium on – “Present Situation and Future Development of Mongolian Traditional Medicine” took place in September 2011 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The Symposium was held by the State Traditional Medicine Science, Technology and Production Corporation of Mongolia (TMSTPCM) in cooperation with the Association for Physicians and Scientists of Traditional Medicine.

The Symposium was attended by Mongolian scientists with world-famous names and widely known scientists from 10 countries, including Ch. Chimedragchaa, Ass. Prof. Executive director  of TMSTPCM  B. Dagvatseren, Prof., Dr. (Sc) Project Director (TMSTPCM), Prof. S.M. Nikolaev, Buryatia, Russia, Prof. Gereltu Borjigan, Inner Mongolia University, China, and others.

The main purpose of the symposium was to discuss the history of traditional medicine, its methods of treatment, pharmacotherapy, production of natural compounds and their place and perspectives in conditions of fast-paced world and age of technical innovations.

These days the knowledge and methods of diagnostics and treatment are more and more widely used in modern medicine. The ancient knowledge of traditional medicine enriches achievements of the academic medicine. The ways of further integration of the traditional and official medicine was the main topic of discussions between Mongolian colleagues and Symposium participants from other countries. Professor S.M. Nikolaev (Buryatia, Russia) emphasized that just an integrative medicine should become a part of the common culture in modern society.

Major part of the reports was devoted to maintaining of traditional plants cultivation, production of natural compounds of traditional drugs, modern application of traditional methods of healing and using up-to-date techniques in traditional medicine. Another item to discuss was necessity of carrying out of new researches to prove and measure effects of traditional medicine according to the conception of Evidence Based Medicine. In his report, Professor V.V. Boronoyev (Buryatia, Russia) had introduced an author’s device and method of learning pulse wave characteristics comparable to those in oriental medicine. The report made in Moscow University of Medicine and Dentistry  (M.V. Goloviznin, Y.R. Buldakova) had proposed an idea of one more possible role of Immunology performing as a bridge between classical and traditional medicine. According to this idea both modern Immunology and traditional medicine are viewing human health as an optimal balance between all the systems of a human body, while disease is regarded as an imbalance between such systems. It was shown in the report that investigation of the cytokines system in patients with autoimmune diseases treated by means of academic and traditional medicine could contribute to growth of demonstrative base of traditional medicine as well as to further integrative processes of traditional and academic medicine.

All the reports were of great interest to all participants of the Symposium and very useful to a great number of traditional medicine physicians in Mongolia and other countries.

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