Brief summary of reports presented at the scientific conference “Technologies of consciousness development”: June 16-18, 2011, Moscow (summary)

© 2011 O.I. Koyokina

2011 – № 2 (2)

Key words: consciousness, self-healing, national system of health, extraordinary human abilities, nature and characteristics of consciousness, field of perception

Abstract: The conference “Technologies of Consciousness Development”  took place in the framework of the 6th international forum «Integrative medicine». In the article the conference’s problematic and contents are analyzed. The speakers and the subjects of their reports are overviewed and evaluated. A brief historical retrospective starting from 2006 (the year, when the first conference on the subject was held) is described by the author.

The 6th scientific conference “Technologies of Consciousness Development” was held in Moscow in June 16-18, 2011 as a part of the Annual International Forum “Integrative Medicine”.

The main objectives of this annual conference are to merge Eastern (Asia) and Western (Europe, Northern and Southern America) medical approaches to healing and self-healing, as well as to consider a possibility of forming a complex national healthcare system.

In the last 6 years the conference has shown a shift from metaphorical concepts (like “Light of Consciousness”, “Field of Consciousness”, “Consciousness – master of psychic functions”, etc.) to more objective and well-founded approaches to the nature of consciousness. This year great attention was paid to consciousness characteristics, particularly to self-healing. This was made possible by efforts of researchers who started to use more objective research methods and get more precise data with the help of scientific equipment.

In spite of the fact that 6 years is a short period for developing a new scientific area, it is evident now that consciousness research is getting up speed. Increased scientific interest in the results of observation of extraordinary human abilities and cases previously referred to parapsychology now turned to real attempts to measure and explain these results as effects of the development of consciousness characteristics (Anuashvili et al.).

Among approaches to studying the nature of consciousness the speakers suggested analysis of specific external factors (constant magnetic field by V.F. Konovalov; acoustic and electromagnetic waves by O.I. Koyokina, G.A. Nalivaiko, and others) and its effects on the state of consciousness and peculiarities of perception. The issue of the objective nature of consciousness was raised in the reports of A.M. Stepanov and A.V. Bobrov. L.B. Boldyreva laid foundations for physical explanation of consciousness characteristics and their nature.

Therefore, it was shown that the solution of complicated issues of consciousness could only be reached in joint studies at the interface of many disciplines: psychology, physics, neurophysiology, mathematics, biochemistry and many others.

I.P. Neumyvakin and A. Petrov expanded on the topic of almost unlimited potential  of the consciousness: starting from interaction with “energo-informational field of the Universe” to regeneration of previously removed organs and influence of consciousness on the genetic structure of the body through image-coding.

The main area of consciousness studies presented at the conference was related to possibilities of healing and self-healing with body energy by means of becoming aware of causes of pathology and self-regulation (Dragoi et al.). The researches have clearly demonstrated the importance of interconnection of Eastern and Western medical approaches in creating complex technologies of healing and self-healing.

As was found out in previous studies (Karpeev and Koyokina, 2008), self-healing may be initiated in such states of consciousness that are followed by extension of the field of perception and subsequent imprinting. However, it is important to pay attention to the fact highlighted in the report of V.I. Kharitonova  that “uncontrolled entering altered states of consciousness brings about some risks such as developing addiction to it and … danger of overstaying in the virtual life” (Kharitonova, 2011). The author points out that consciousness development is inevitable in the modern society with a high-speed lifestyle, but also expresses concerns that people today may happen to be not ready for perception of “the other side of the looking glass” and lose the feel of reality and common sense. That is why we would like to support the speaker and invite specialists and academic researchers to educate both scientists and people interested in “extraordinary characteristics of consciousness” on potential risks and benefits of mastering techniques of working in different (altered, extraordinary, etc.) states of consciousness. It is necessary to understand that fundamental issues of consciousness research should be considered on the federal level.


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