“Integrative Medicine is the Medicine of the Future” (summary)

© 2011 V.I. Kharitonova , V.N. Potapov

2011 – № 1 (1)

V.I. Kharitonova interviews V.N. Potapov


potapov 100 125The questions of the Editor-in-Chief of MAiB are answered by POTAPOV Vladimir Nikolaevich – the head physician of the Institute of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Moscow), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor; therapist, specialist in cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, gerontology, family and recovery medicine based on traditional methods of treatment and health improvement. The topics discussed included the integration of biomedicine and various methods of traditional oriental medicines, contemporary healing, and folk medicine.

Key words: integrative medicine, complex treatment, traditional oriental medicine, Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, leech therapy, psychotherapy, visceral practice, vacuum massage

Abstract: In this deep and multi-faceted interview V.N. Potapov, the head physician of the Institute of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Moscow), Doctor of Medical Sciences, talks about peculiarities of work of his integrative clinic, which combines methods of ‘Western’ and ‘Oriental’ medicines, practices of various ethnic traditions and popular modern health-promoting activities. The main research emphasis was put on Chinese medicine (acupuncture), its appearance in the USSR and further development. However, various possibilities of the clinic work were analyzed. Prof. Potapov has adduced many examples of complementary use of various methods of treating clients: the Slavic visceral therapy, Tibetan medicine, hirudotherapy, psychotherapy etc., stressing the idea of a complex approach to clients’ health.

  1. N. Potapov set forth peculiarities of work of his private clinic, the Institute of Traditional Oriental Medicine, where specialists combine various medical systems. V. N. Potapov personally supervises its work being a biomedical professional. The clinic employs specialists in Chinese medicine (mainly acupuncture and reflex therapists), Tibetan medicine (phytotherapists), Vietnamese medicine, specialists of visceral practice considered to be an old Slavic method of folk healing, etc. There are also a psychotherapist and a leech therapist, as well as folk healers who use methods of bioenergy therapy and aromatherapy, and even a Kyrgyz shaman healer.

The motto of this clinic is to search for the best integration of various methods necessary to provide help to every single client. During a general consultation with a biomedical professional and after the biomedical screening each client can choose his/her own further plan of treatment following his wishes or recommendations of the professional. In this clinic the staff looks for the “softest” methods of rendering help to clients. In difficult cases contemporary biomedical methods are used. A wide variety of medical services is provided with the help of biomedical equipment. A double-check diagnostics is carried out by means of oriental methods (e.g., pulse diagnostics).

The major focus of the research work of the clinic is the exploration of the newest contemporary methods of diagnostics and treatment/recovery. The clinic administration plans to start professional training of medical specialists in the field of traditional medicines and healing methods.

A substantial part of the discussion was devoted to the scientific, clinical and social problems of the integration of various medical systems. V.N. Potapov also shared his knowledge about the introduction of various traditional oriental methods in the USSR and Russia, as well as difficulties in introducing new methods.

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