© 2022 BOCHKOV Dmitry Andreevich, SAVELYEVA Svetlana Yurievna**

MA&B 2022 – № 2(24)

 DOI: https://doi.org/10.33876/2224-9680/2022-2-24/15


Bochkov D.A., Savelyeva S.Yu. (2022) Domashnie rody v soprovozhdenii psikhologa-celitelya [Home birth accompanied by a psychologist-healer], Meditsinskaya antropologiya i bioetika [Medical Anthropology and Bioethics], No. 2(24).

Dmitry Andreevich Bochkov

Graduate student for the

Center for Medical Anthropology

Miklukho-Maklay Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

Senior Scientific Editor

“Great Russian Encyclopedia” National Scientific and

Educational Center (Moscow)


E—mail: bochkoff12@yandex.ru

Svetlana Yurievna Savelyeva

Transpersonal psychologist


E-mail: snowsstorms@yandex.ru

Keywords: home birth, conscious childbirth, home obstetrics, transpersonal psychology, physicality, psychological help and support, perinatal care, medical intervention.

Abstract: Judging by the data of psychological studies, during the last trimester, a maternal image is formed in the psyche of a pregnant woman, with which she identifies herself and with which she builds relationships with the future child. Subsequently, according to “perinatal psychologists”, this connection affects not only the relationships within the family, but also the further social experience of the child. The publication is an interview with transpersonal psychologist Svetlana Savelyeva, who is engaged in home birth support and preliminary psychological support, preparation for childbirth of pregnant women, during which this image is formed. The article discusses the features of the work of a transpersonal psychologist in the case of preparation for home birth and during their conduct, the “bodily” knowledge of the mother, the differences between the space of the house from the space of the hospital, the attitude to home birth in Russia.

*Is published in accordance with the research work plan of the N.N. Miklukho-Maklay Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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