© 2022 Valeria Nikolaevna SOKOLCHIK

2022 – № 1(23)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33876/2224-9680/2022-1-23/03

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Sokolchik V.N. (2022) Uroki pandemii skvoz’ prizmu bioetiki [Lessons of the Pandemic Through the Lens of Bioethics], Meditsinskaya antropologiya i bioetika [Medical Anthropology and Bioethics], № 1(23).

Valeria Nikolaevna Sokolchik

PHD, Leader of the Republican Centre on Bioethics, associated professor of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

(3/3, P. Browka Str., 220013, Minsk, Republic of Belarus), department of public Health and Healtcare.


E-mail: vsokolchik@mail.ru

Keywords: pandemic, bioethics, Republican Center on Bioethics, informing, vulnerability, personal autonomy, trust, volunteering, confidentiality, public debate.

Abstract: The article “Lessons of the pandemic through the prism of bioethics” represents the problems of interaction between society, individual and healthcare system in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Comprehending the events of the pandemic on the experience of the Republic of Belarus, the author studies the important problems associated with the implementation of the bioethical principles of individual autonomy and justice, and considers the importance of information in an emergency as a way of psychological protection of society. The article also focuses on the topics of trust in the healthcare system, ethical and communicational trainings of medical workers, assesses the role of the volunteer movement in a pandemic situation. From the author’s opinion, understanding of these critical issues is a precursor to learning the meaningful lessons needed to improve the healthcare system and to response for emergencies.


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Sokolchik V. (2020) Kommunikatsiia vracha i patsienta: na perekrestkakh etiki i prav cheloveka [Communication between doctor and patient: at the crossroads of ethics and human rights], Zdravookhranenie Belarusi [Healthcare of Belarus], Vol. 11 No 884, p. 44–50.