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2021 – № 1 (21)

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Ecks S. (2021). Medicinskaja antropologija “global’nosti psihiki” [A Medical Anthropology of the “Global Psyche”]. Medicinskaja antropologija i biojetika [Medical Anthropology and Bioethics], 1 (21).

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Stefan Ecks, PhD, is co-founder of Edinburgh University’s Medical Anthropology program.

Keywords: medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, globality, global health care, psychic health, Plato, Habermas

Abstract. This article was first published in Medical Anthropology Quarterly as an editorial afterword in “The Global Psyche” special issue. In his text, the medical anthropologist Stefan Ecks critically evaluates the issue’s main articles and presents a theoretical commentary on the concept of globality and its possible applications in medical anthropology. Among others, the author poses questions as to what global processes – be it cultural, political, technological, biological or ecological – create the basis for objectivation of psychic health on the global level, and which new systems of knowledge and cultural projects evolve due to these applications.


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