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2020 – № 2 (20)

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Kijashhenko L. P. (2020). Antropologija prokreacii: jazyk mezhdisciplinarnogo diskursa [Anthropology of Procreation: a Language of Interdisciplinary Discourse]. Medicinskaja antropologija i biojetika [Medical Anthropology and Bioethics], 2 (20)

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Larisa Pavlovna Kiyaschenko, Dr. Philos. Sc., is a Leading Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow).


Keywords: anthropology, normogenesis, procreation, interdisciplinarity, thesaurus, discourse, language, ART, conceptualization, the fundamental, the applied

Abstract. The article reviews problems of the research of contemporary trends in the development of interdisciplinary anthropological knowledge. “Procreation” is a key definition in this process; its conceptualization occurs against the background of development of sociocultural norms accompanied by complication of the correlation of the fundamental and applied aspects of child birth by assisted reproductive technologies (ART). The interdisciplinarity, as confirmed by the ongoing study, has a positive direction in its decisions if there is a parallel process of formation of a dictionary (thesaurus) with its theme oriented towards the project’s discursive practices.


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