2020 – № 1(19)

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Ozhiganova A. A., Molodtsova M. O. (2020). Rody v uslovijah karantina: pozicija douly [Birth during Quarantine: Doula’s Stance]. Medicinskaja antropologija i biojetika [Medical Anthropology and Bioethics], 1 (19).

About the authors:

Ozhiganova Anna Alexandrovna, Cand. Hist. Sc., is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center of Medical Anthropology, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow).

Molodtsova Maria Olegovna is a lawyer and a member of the Association of Professional Doulas (Moscow).

Keywords: COVID-19 epidemic, quarantine measures, doulas, partner birth, online labor support

Abstract. The paper presents two interviews with a lawyer, a doula and a member of the Russian Association of Professional Doulas (APD), Maria Molodtsova, on how the coronavirus epidemic has impacted the work of maternity clinics, on the problems women with a close delivery date have faced, and on how doulas can help under the limiting measures. The first interview was recorded on March 20, at the onset of the epidemic, and reflects the initial reaction of the doulas’ community on the ban of partner birth in Moscow’s maternity clinics. The second interview was recorded on May 8, after the Russian Health Ministry adopted the new recommendations on maternity care and aiding women in labor during the COVID-19 epidemic.