wilce 200 250(USA, Flagstaff (Arizona))

Academic degrees: M.A. in Asian Studies (1983), Ph.D. in Anthropology (1994)

Current employment, position:
Professor of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University;
Editor, Wiley-Blackwell book series, Studies in Discourse and Culture

Academic interests: The ethnography of communication; ethnopoetics, language ideologies; semiotics; speech-in-interaction, embodiment, phenomenology; the intersection of linguistic and medical anthropology, medical and ethnopsychiatric discourse, doctor-patient communication; the self, emotion; psychoneuroimmunology; modernity, globalization, and metaculture; religion and healing; New Age; psychologization and the spread of “therapy culture”; Finland, Finnish language and culture; South Asia


Main publications:

Language and Emotion. (Studies in the Social and Cultural Foundations of Language). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (2009)

Crying Shame: Metaculture, Modernity and the Exaggerated Death of Lament. Malden, MA. and Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers. (2009)

Medical Discourse. Annual Review of Anthropology 38(1):199-215. (2009)

Scientizing Bangladeshi Psychiatry: Parallelism, Enregisterment, and the Cure for a Magic Complex. Language in Society 37(1):91–114. (2008)

Social and Cultural Lives of Immune Systems (Editor). New York: Routledge. (2003)