OZHIGANOVA Anna Alexandrovna

ozhiganova 200 250(Russia, Moscow)

Academic degrees: Ph.D. in Anthropology

Current employment, position: Researcher IEA RAS

Academic interests: new religion movements, modern utopias, anthropology of community, alternative communities, alternative medical practices, cultural aspects of health and illness, culture of childhood

E-mail: аnna-ozhiganova@yandex.ru

Main publications:

New Religion Movements in contemporary Russia: doctrines, institutions, practices. M., 2006. P.300. (with Filippov J.)

In the search of spirituality and health (new religion movements, neoshamanism, city shamanism). Investigations in applied anthropology. N 207. M., 2008. P. 48. (with Kharitonova V. and Kypriashina N.)

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Brahma Cumaris – Spiritual University and “new religion”// Moscow region: ethnoconfessional situation. M., 2000. p. 241-262.

Guru Rinpoche’s birthday in the Center Padmasambhava// Field investigations IEA RAS 2003. M., 2005, p. 72-83. (with Kuznetsova A.)

The modern esoteric subculture//The influence of religion on personality and culture. M., 2007. P. 224-253.

“To work on yourself” – the realization of spiritual practice in the groups of neobuddist orientation. The influence of religion on personality and culture. M., 2007. P. 112-134.

Modern perinatal cultures// Field investigations IEA RAS 2006. 2008. p.63-82.

Magic of health in modern esoteric doctrines// Modern religiosity and actual problems of globalization. M., 2009

Vaccination: Opinions of the Opponents// Problems of health preservation in Northern and Siberian conditions. Papers on Medical Anthropology. M., 2009. P. 152-161.