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Key words: Personalized medicine, homeopathy, Hippocrates, Pythagoreans, vaccination, immunology

Abstract: Personalized medicine, also called predictive, is a targeted medicine which focuses on the individual approach to a patient and his/her illness. Its implementation can actualize the principles of treatment which are close to the thesis of like cures like. Discussions on the belonging of homeopathy to “conventional” or to “unconventional” medicine are far from complete. The history of European medicine shows that certain ideas close to homeopathy are contained in the views of Paracelsus. The medicine of Ancient Greece also consisted of both an allopathic approach developed by Hippocrates and its followers, and a homeopathic one, probably coming from the Pythagoreans. Another source of homeopathic teaching was the practice of vaccination, which in the 18th century was interpreted from the vitalistic standpoint.


* The article is also published in the paper edition:

Meditsinskaia antropologiia: kul’tura i zdorov’e. Sb. statei / otv. red. V.I. Kharitonova; In-t etnologii i antropologii im. N.N. Miklukho-Maklaia RAN; Assotsiatsiia meditsinskikh antropologov. – M.: IEA RAN, 2016. (Trudy po meditsinskoi antropologii). [Medical Anthropology: Culture and Health. Collection of articles / Ed. V.I. Kharitonova; Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology named after N.N. Miklouho-Maclay RAS; Association of Medical Anthropologists. – Moscow: IEA RAS, 2016. (Works on medical anthropology).]


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