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Medical Anthropology

Dr. Hart Krentz

Spring Session 2011

Office: SS 944

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Classroom: ST135

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  1. The purpose of this course is to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge of the aims, research methods, analytical approaches, factual information, and conclusions made within the subfield of medical anthropology.
  2. Material covered in this course will include lecture, film, discussion, and required readings. Grades and evaluation will be based on the student’s (i) breadth of factual and theoretical knowledge, (ii) comprehension of concepts and descriptive materials, and (iii) clarity and structure of presentation both in class and in written materials.

Required Texts:

Brown, Peter J. & R. Barrett 2010 Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology, 2nd Ed. Course Outline:        (Sequence of lectures subject to some change)

*Reading Assignments to be distributed at the first class meeting and via Blackboard.       

12 May                        Introduction to Medical Anthropology

Anthropological Perspectives on Health, Disease and Illness

  • May Evolutionary/Ecological Perspectives on Health and Disease

19 May           Disease Etiology/Transmission & Human Behaviour

24 May           (a) Changing Perspectives of Diseases in Human Populations

                       (b) Infectious Diseases

  • May (a) The role of Diet and Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • Origin and Evolution of Healing and Illness Behaviour

31 May           Mid-term Examination @ 1800 hrs

  • Illness Behaviour
  • Jun Reading Break — No class
  • Jun (a) Meaning and Expression of Illness Behaviour
  • Illness Behaviour and Explanatory Models
  • Origin and Evolution of Health Care Systems
  • Jun (a) Healers and Healing in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Total Drug/Treatment Effect -Culture and Pharmacology

14 Jun           (a) Stress and Disease

                       (b) The Placebo/ Nocebo Effect

16 Jun           (a) Culture, Illness and Mental Health

                       Term Paper Due

21 Jun             Applied Medical Anthropology

  • Cultural contact and change between Health Care Systems
  • Pluralism
  • Structural factors affecting disease, illness and health

23 Jun           (a) Anthropological approaches to health, illness and disease

                       (b) Conclusions

                       Final Examination – Date to be announces

23 Jun           (a) Anthropological Approaches to Health, Illness and Disease

                       (b) Conclusions

Final Examination — Date to be announced

Grading and Examinations

Final course grades will be based on an in-class midterm and a final examination, and on an analytical discussion paper (details to be distributed in class). Examinations will consist of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions.

Midterm Examination                          30% 31 May (at 1800 hrs)

Term Paper                                             40% due on 16 Jun

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