Doctor, patient and health care modernization

© 2013 Yu.R. Buldakova

2013 – № 1 (5)

Key words: health care providers, health care modernization, doctor (in)competence, emotional distress, psychological stress, legal duties, patients and health workers rights, social and legal defense strategy, work remuneration, healthcare facilities modernization, work safety, doctor’s health status, medical education humanization, accessibility and quality of medical aid

Abstract: The article is devoted to the professional problems that personnel working in Health Care sector in Russia have to face now due to recent initiatives of the government to modernize Health Care sector.

The author claims that doctor has a right to have adequate and safe to health working conditions to provide effective services to patients, who in turn, have a right to receive effective and safe treatment. Describing the stressful situation of everyday medical practice in modernized hard conditions, the author draws attention to inevitable decline in quality of medical care and in the Healthcare sector overall with numerous cases of giving up with profession in medical community. One more important feature of the brutal modernization author lights is a result in complication of access to free medical care for patients.

The author provides some true to life examples of problems that inevitably grow from the great difference in mindset of  young  practitioners of  today’s Russia and those approaching the retirement age personnel hardly accepting new rules because of  start working  in specific conditions of the USSR, names the problems of medical education.

The purpose of this article is an attempt to find the solutions for the existing problems and the involvement of all participants concerning Health Care including governmental executives, medical personnel and patients in searching for the ways to protect both medical personnel and patients from negative effects of   harsh politics in Health Care sector.

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